Queensland Weapons Licensing are planning to share the entire weapons register and all your personal details with Australia Post.

Yes, the same Australia Post embroiled in these privacy scandals:
Australia Post computer glitch has exposed the names and locations of thousands of Australians who have been sent parcels.
Australia Post warns employees of possible data breach after PageUp malware hit
AusPost’s Bill Scanner caught up in Gmail privacy sweep

And this (click here) massive illegal firearms importation ring.

LAFO has battled QPS since August 2018 for access to these documents (click here) outlining the proposed non-competitive tender with Australia Post. It has taken almost a year for the Queensland government to admit it would spend millions to send your data to Australia Post.

Next time you see a theft of firearms from lawful owners reported in the press, take the time to point out that the firearms registries are storing their data in risky ways with external providers. Given the recurring scandals involving Australia Post, criminals may soon find a new avenue to your personal data and get a good insight into what firearms you own and where they are stored.

Weapons Licensing were contacted for comment on a draft of this post. No response was received.

Read the documents released under Queensland’s Right To Information Act: