Oh my. So it’s been announced we’re getting a Nationoo Firewarms Wegister (TM). In all likelihood, that consists of an IT mishmash of the pathetically incorrect State and Territory Firearms registries. Garbage in, garbage out.

The good news is: such a system will simply create more paperwork comparison mess for everyone involved. The bad news is: the taxpayer will pay tens of millions of dollars for this, at minimum. (Accenture, IBM and other IT contractors will line up at the teat to maximise profitability, while minimising deliverables. Praise be the contractors.)

What’s really shocking is the weasoning for a Nationoo Firewarms Wegister or (NFW).

Why are we havewing a Nationoo Wegister?

We are havewing a NFW because many people have been unsafe with firearms. Incwuding powice.

In January 2023, we wrote to the detectives of Operation Uniform Cavan with some questions that will carry potentially embarrassing answers:

  1. Is it true that one of the deceased Constables was shot with a QPS issue firearm?
  2. Did QPS members (including now deceased members) on scene lose control of any QPS firearms?
  3. Were .40 projectiles (of the sort used by QPS) recovered from, or from nearby, Mr Dare’s body, or otherwise did his body bear wounds consistent with .40 projectiles?
  4. If so, is it possible Mr Dare was killed using a QPS firearm?

Tellingly, the senior detective wrote back as follows:

You are correct that there are multiple aspects to this investigation which will continue to be a thorough search for facts about the deaths of all six people.

The State Coroner owns all information in relation to this investigation and the questions you raise will certainly be a focus of parts of our report to the State Coroner among many other aspects.

Det Sgt 6657
Ethical Standards Command

Given the sudden panic about ammunition handling at clubs (see our previous post) we wrote to the QPS Minister about QPS leaving ammunition on ranges. We were at first dismissed by Inspector Joe Kitching, and then were ultimately answered by the Minister’s office who acknowledged QPS leave live rounds on ranges. There was a massive emphasis early this year on clubs giving out ammunition, and now it turns out QPS freely leave ammunition for public collection. Oh, no problem then, governor.

Government IT projects always work!

Nothing could possibly go wrong with the NFW.

If you want a recent example of high-quality IT projects, upon which you might base your assessment of the NFW, please consider the following:

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We can’t wait until firearms licenses enter this environment of unparalleled excellence. Can you?