The Queensland Government has listened to YOU and has published a consultation version of the draft Bill and the draft Regulation.

Draft Weapons Bill

Draft Weapons Regulation

The Courier-Mail – 4 August 2010 – Toy guns to be licenced

Qld Govt Submission Web-site

We encourage you to thoroughly read the draft Bill and draft Regulation. A Regulation is effectively a document that supports the Act and looks after the “devil in the detail”. Upon an initial examination of the documents it seems clear that some very unjust and unnecessary changes are still being considered by the Government. That is very dissappointing.

We know that unless people are lawyers or work with legislation, these documents can be very confusing. To assist with the preparation of your submission, should you require it, LAFO is currently analysing the draft Bill and draft Regulation and will issue an “Issues Bulletin”. The Issues Bulletin, to be published on this web-site on Thursday 19 August 2010, will list the changes that have absolutely no public safety benefit but simply impose unjust and unnecessary burdens on Law Abiding Firearm Owners.

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