Dear Infrastructure Designation Unit,

You are carrying out a Labor government-backed consultation to expand and retain the ‘temporary’ Commonwealth Games shotgun range at Belmont Shooting Complex in Brisbane. Law Abiding Firearm Owners Inc (LAFO) has been forthright in explaining that the proposal is a crazy waste of taxpayer $millions that would destroy other heavily-used rifle and pistol ranges (here and here).

We have recently received disturbing reports from within State Government that any representations from Belmont club members who oppose the expansion would be ignored if their named club sent letters in support of the expansion.  That is to say, your opinion counts for nothing if your club backs the expansion.

We have also received reports from within State Government that ‘standard form’ letters or emails opposing the expansion would be treated as a single objection, rather than the individual objections they genuine comprise.  

If true, this is a deeply undemocratic attitude, but not one we are totally surprised to discover in the State public service.  We invite you to spell out clearly just how keen you are to hose down, trivialise and marginalise the legitimate objections of hundreds of shooters to the proposed divisive expansion of the ‘temporary’ shotgun range.

Yours faithfully,