Queensland Military Rifle Club

The Queensland Military Rifle Club was formed in 1984 to cater for military rifle shooters who wanted more variety and activity in target shooting. It recognises the fact that military rifle owners have legitimate sporting interests and provides an excellent opportunity to improve shooting skills and compete effectively without being restricted by the constraints of other shooting disciplines. The Club shoots almost every weekend, generally alternating Saturdays and Sundays, and visitors are always welcome.

Katter’s Australian Party

One of KAP’s core values and principles states that Australians must have the freedom to pursue outdoor recreational activities of their choice including hunting, shooting, fishing, boating, camping, 4-wheel driving, horse riding, rock climbing, and bush walking without unnecessary limitations and restrictions.

Liberal Democratic Party

The Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) regards the right to own firearms for sport, hunting, collecting and self-defence as fundamental to a free society.

  • Sport, hunting and self-defence are all legitimate reasons for firearm ownership.
  • Firearm ownership should be subject to possession of a license. However, all adults over 18 years of age have a right to a license unless it has been removed because of a history or genuine prospect of coercion.
  • Those who wish to carry a concealed firearm for self-defence are entitled to be issued with a permit to do so unless they have a history or genuine prospect of coercion.
  • All genuine sporting uses of firearms are legitimate.
  • There should be no registration of long-arms.
  • There should be no prohibitions or special limits on semi-automatic firearms.
  • Individuals and organisations are entitled to establish facilities that involve the use of firearms. This includes shooting ranges and hunting reserves.

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