Queensland’s Weapons Licensing want to block suppressors at all costs, including road safety

We’ve previously described how Weapons Licensing flatly refuse to entertain any exemptions to allow people to use suppressors.  We’ve also described how Brisbane City Council wants them to get the feral deer under control, off the roads and stop car crashes.  To top it off, Police Minister Mark Ryan apparently misled Brisbane City Council, claiming the National Firearms Agreement 2017 wouldn’t let suppressors be the subject of an exemption in Queensland.

Main Roads Department says 2 crashes causing hospitalisation in the last three years

We’ve already discovered that there are lots of car accidents caused by feral deer because of the huge number of roadside carcasses collected.  Last week, Transport & Main Roads released documents to LAFO volunteers indicating:

The type of animal involved is not available prior to 1 January 2014. The following animal types are recorded in the RoadCrash database:-

– Kangaroos and wallabies
– Cattle
– Horses
– Sheep
– Other wild animals (including birds)
– Other tame animals
– Domestic animals (cats, dogs etc)
– Unknown animal

The [data] has been extracted to show the number of crashes involving other wild animals.

Given the documented scope of the deer problem in some Brisbane suburbs and the fact Brisbane City Council have been picking up dozens of roadside carcasses, we are liking deer as the prime suspect for these accidents.

How long before there’s a fatality?

If we were Weapons Licensing, we’d be worried about civil liability in stopping BCC use suppressors over the last five years to control feral deer.  Especially if we’d been feeding misleading information to the Police Minister and on to the City Council…