Are SSAA Qld backing Queensland Labor?

No political parties or activists are apparently allowed at Brisbane Shot Show in August 2017.  Unless you are the Queensland Labor Government and its ideological proxies.  We wrote to SSAA to get to the bottom of this.

Dear SSAA Qld,

We understand you’ve decided to refuse lots of potential exhibitors to Brisbane Shot Show. That’s OK with us. We understand perfectly why you want to keep the Brisbane Shot Show a pure shooting event. You’ve said “no thanks” to the Shooters and Fishers Party, amongst others. Just have firearms dealers and commercial exhibitors. Don’t let Shot Show get cluttered up with activist groups or political parties.

Despite this apparent clarity of purpose for Shot Show, we understand you’ve asked or allowed Weapons Licensing Branch of QPS and Labor Police Minister Mark Ryan to turn up and hawk their ideological wares. This is the same Labor Minister and Weapons Branch that have embraced each other tightly to:
Grab firearms off farmers who’ve used them safely for over thirty years,
Block ANZAC reenactors from ANZAC celebrations they’ve undertaken safely for decades,
Prevent Brisbane City Council using suppressors to control deer that are causing car accidents, and
Commit to the National Firearms Agreement 2017 and the banning of lever-action shotguns.
Can you please explain to your paying members and to shooters across the State why you’re happy to throw everything under the bus to cosy up to Queensland Labor? Has Queensland Labor promised you some teeny-tiny morsel?

If Queensland Labor gets back into government this election, they are committed to a full implementation of the National Firearms Agreement. Perhaps we will all be able to thank you for contributing to the ending of minors licenses, introduction of ammunition limits and the closure of clubs.

Please tell us we’ve got it all wrong and you aren’t letting the Labor Minister and the twisted culture of Weapons Licensing hawk their anti-gun ideology at Shot Show. Or tell us we’ve got it right. Or nothing at all. You’re calling the shots.

Yours faithfully,