Is Qld Police Minister Mark Ryan playing everyone?

We’ve previously explained how Mark Ryan MP has misled Brisbane City Council about access to suppressors and opposed ANZAC reenactors continuing their decades-long tradition.  Your friend Mark’s taken it a step further through his Corrective Services portfolio, as The Australian reported this week:

Police and Corrective Services Minister Mark Ryan repeatedly said he was “very sorry” that a campaigning Mackay couple, Leanne and Gary Pullen, felt they had been “dishonestly used” by the Labor Government of Annastacia Palaszczuk for a media conference and photo opportunity promoting the “no body, no parole’ laws.

The Pullens now want a Crime and Corruption Commission investigation into revelations by The Australian that Mr Ryan and his senior advisers knew while they were courting the Pullens in State Parliament last week that parole had already been granted on July 31 to one of their son Tim’s killers. The family said they now knew they had been duped, deceived and used as political pawns after their campaign to have the new laws drafted and introduced.

Leaked emails from August 10 show that Corrective Services had been trying to notify Mrs Pullen of the Queensland Parole Board’s release decision but notification was quietly halted when the couple were in Brisbane to watch the “no body, no parole’’ laws pass amid fanfare with Mr Ryan and Attorney-General Yvette D’Ath.

Will Labor ministers just say anything to hang on at the next Qld election?

Quite a few weeks ago, we asked the Qld Premier why her Police Minister apparently misled Brisbane City Council.  Mark had implied that the National Firearms Agreement banned sound moderators and that Brisbane City Council couldn’t access suppressors to control feral dear because of the NFA.  Deer are causing car accidents and it’s a matter of time before one goes fatal.

The Premier has replied that she backs the NFA and that suppressors are banned under the NFA.  That’s more Labor bulldust, because you won’t find suppressors mentioned anywhere in the NFA.  Search it for yourself.

Labor prefers bulldusting victims or crime, local councils and everyone else to dealing with reality.

Put Labor last