You know what the QPS Weapons Licensing website is missing?  A customer feedback form.

Often, we apply for a Permit To Acquire online and we get a good, automated service within days.  Sometimes we put in an application for something and leave out an important document (or the online application won’t let us upload it) and it takes a few weeks to sort out.

Occasionally, we just can’t seem to get a useful answer or the Branch doesn’t want to deal with us.  You can help us collect these experiences and report about the overall experience on a large scale.  You don’t need to give your name, license number or any other identifying information.

Queensland shooters: let’s give our feedback

How does your feedback help?

Having a big pool of different customer experiences will help us identify the best and worst parts of the licensing and registration experience that the Weapons Licensing Branch spend millions of taxpayer dollars delivering.  We want to help the Queensland Government identify where the experience could be better and what potential areas for improvement exist.

As always, we want be shy about any bad results that stand out.  As with our previous survey on shooters voting patterns, we will share the big statistical highlights and the real standout cases.