Labor is really quick to tell us how much money it’s spending on health.  Media releases today (click here for the full agony) touted the planned spend on health in many marginal electorates.

Australian Governments have wasted over $1.3Bn on firearms regi$tries since 1996

Queensland Weapons Licensing spent over $11m on a complicated weapons licensing management IT system and spend around $10m/year on their paperwork mill.

If you stop and think about it, six States of Australia spending – on average – $10m/year adds up fast.  That’s over $1.3Bn over 22 years since the 1996 National Firearms Agreement.  Once you include the cost of the buyback and Federal spending on firearms Registry madness, you’ll get over $2Bn, not including the cost of local Police inspecting the safes of over 1m license shooters in Australia.

Registries haven’t helped solve a single crime and $1.3Bn goes a long way

Imagine if we spent a billion dollars on cancer research?  Or education?  Or on regional hospitals?  Or the other things Labor say they care about?

Queensland Labor doesn’t really care about anyone but themselves.