We flag Qld Labor’s appalling priorities with a new billboard

Following a protracted crisis where Queensland Labor couldn’t even organise drivers to keep basic Brisbane train services running, Infrastructure Australia this week slammed Queensland Labor’s Brisbane tunnel dream as the Financial Review reports:

The infrastructure body said the benefit-cost ratio of the project was likely to be “less than 1”, meaning the projected benefits would not even cover the costs. […]

“We don’t have faith in the process that Infrastructure Australia has undertaken,” Ms Trad said. […]  But Mr Davies said Infrastructure Australia was a “fully independent” body.

To Labor’s eternal credit, they reached a major milestone early in the project when they identified the need for “tunnel portals”.  From the CrossRiverRail FAQ:

A tunnel portal is where the tunnel meets the land’s surface. […] it is where the trains will enter and exit the tunnel.

Without Queensland Labor’s world-class leadership, there might be real doubts about whether it is necessary for a tunnel to have a hole – sorry, a tunnel portal – at each end.

New LAFO billboard reminds you that you aren’t a Labor priority

Joining a series of other successful LAFO billboards outside Brisbane, the latest billboard reminds voters beyond inner Brisbane that key issues affecting them aren’t a serious priority for Queensland Labor.  Forget regional issues and violent crime; Labor is chasing Green inner city votes at your expense.

Labor is dominated by green-left power that would end private firearm ownership

Labor powerbroker and Deputy Premier, Jackie Trad, has vocally campaigned to ban lever-action shotguns and has thrown Labor’s full support behind the 2017 National Firearms Agreement that would take short firearms off all farmers, end minor’s licenses and limit the quantity of ammunition farmers, target shooters and pest controllers can purchase.  These policies aren’t a secret, they’re in black and white in the National Firearms Agreement itself.

The good news is that Labor unpopularity has grown measurably this year, as SBS reports.  Spread the word online about Labor’s sad, mad priorities.  Write to your local member: if they’re Labor, tell them you’re tired of their misplaced priorities and the red tape they tie shooters up with, if they’re not, tell them you shoot and you vote and you expect politicians to actively reduce the red tape for law-abiding firearm owners.