Senior Constable Kylie Larfield, of Weapons Licensing Branch, sent a “show cause” notice recently to a shooter who posted on twitter. The shooter said access to firearms for self defence should be a right. The “show cause” notice said, in substance, ‘we’ll revoke your license, because self-defence isn’t a right’.

Shooters Union did a great job covering this and supporting their member.

However, Kylie has a history of her own. It involves taking property that isn’t her property. The Brisbane Times proclaims:

The water police officer, who had not returned to work after seeking treatment for a medical condition in July, stole almost $80 worth of groceries from Coles at Brookside on December 3.

A loss prevention officer spotted the 37-year-old going through the self-service section of the store, scanning items in her right hand but not those in her left.

Here’s the show cause letter from our Kylie:

It’s hard to know what to say to this. So we wrote to Mark Ryan, the Police Minister, and Daniel Bust, the Inspector of Weapons Licensing Branch. You should, too.

Date: Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 7:19 PM
Subject: “Show cause” weapons licensing revocation for twitter statements
To: Police <>, <>

Hello Minister Ryan and Inspector Bust,

One of your authorised officers wrote to a licensed shooter with a ‘show cause’ notice to revoke their license for a statement made on twitter.  The statement was “Weapons should be for self-defence and should be a right not a privilege”.  That’s the totality of the grounds stated in the show cause notice.

We understand the officer in question has been found guilty of shoplifting.  The officer would be Senior Constable Kylie Larfield, and the article describing the offence is public and notorious:

Normally, we’d just write about how this situation is outrageous.  However, it just doesn’t seem necessary to point that out.  This scenario is entirely ethereal.

Is everyone at Weapons Licensing Branch feeling OK?  We are genuinely concerned for the Regulators’ mental health and wellbeing.

Who else is being “twitter profiled” by Weapons Licensing?  And why are political beliefs being taken as serious considerations under the Weapons Act?

Yours faithfully

For Law Abiding Firearms Owners Inc