The National Firearms Agreement 2017 restricts ammunition sales: it is just waiting for implementation

NFA 2017 reveals the darkest desires of the anti-gun policy-makers.  Not content with banning lever-action shotguns that have been safely used in Australia for over a century, they also want to severely restrict ammunition sales.  In early April, we asked the Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan MP the hard questions:

1. When will your government act to restrict the volume of ammunition purchased?  What will the monthly or annual limits be?

2. When will the existing online information exchange between Queensland Police and Firearms Dealers be expanded to report ammunition sales to QPS?

3. Is it true that the online information exchange system will simply tell dealers “do not sell to this customer” when the customer’s monthly or annual limit is reached?

When the NFA is implemented by States (like Queensland) this is the world you will live in.  It’s what the anti-firearm bureaucrats and Gun Police want.  (Note: the Gun Police are not the hard-working plod, but the police who sit in offices dreaming up new red tape.)  While we wait for the great and glorious Minister to get back to us, after having just backed the Gun Police-led exclusion of ANZAC day reenactors

Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Queensland: what’s your view?

The first thing SFF Queensland said was a breath of fresh air:

We definitely do NOT support any of these draconian and unnecessary sanctions.  We support the removal and replacement of the NFA with a system that is much less complicated, one that is fair, practical, and maintains the standards of public safety, […] REGULATE THE PERSON NOT THE OBJECT. 

Mr Wheatley, SFF Queensland Vice-Chairman, explained that statistics and evidence should be the driver of firearms policy.  Firearms owners need to be licensed as being safe people to own firearms.  Dreaming up mad and arbitrary restrictions, like ammunition restrictions for law-abiding owners, just doesn’t do anything for public safety.  You can find a reproduction of the SFF Qld policy here.  It’s a worthwhile read as a catalogue of where the firearms registration system and limitations are failing on public safety but imposing crushing red tape.

One Nation Queensland: do you support ammunition restrictions?

Mr Savage, One Nation Queensland State Secretary, was unequivocal:

No, we do NOT support limits on ammunition purchases by legal registered firearms owners.

We support the RIGHT of all firearms owners to possess their guns, be it for hunting, target shooting, work, competition […] It is our cultural and historic right to continue with this ownership, just as was the case for our fathers […]

We support, in our written policy, the abolition of the Permit To Acquire and replace it with an instant “Licence Identification and Verification System” (LIVS) […] This would allow existing licensed shooters to purchase firearms, on the spot, using his/her current licence as proof of eligibility to purchase.

Mr Savage summed up some history and challenged the Liberals and their National brothers in the country:

It worries and concerns One Nation that it has historically been the Liberals and Nationals who have allowed (and enacted) the worst of the firearms law changes to take place. These are the very politicians who are supposed to be the friends and supporters of farmers and shooters.

Greens Queensland: where do you stand?

Just kidding.  No one cares.