Want government information on a firearms topic? Here’s how easy it can be

Maybe you could do one yourself about a firearms issue that you’ve been thinking about.  You could share the results with everyone!  Commonwealth applications are free.

Commonwealth Attorney-General’s Department: an example

Subject: FOI application – documents concerning ammunition limits
To: foi@ag.gov.au

Dear FOI Unit

I write to make an application under the Commonwealth FOI Act.  I apply for documents concerning the imposition, monitoring (eg through the tracking of purchases) and enforcement (eg through firearms dealers refusing to sell to identified customers) of limitations on the quantity of ammunition purchased by licensed firearms owners.  These documents may be in the context of the National Firearms Agreement clauses that provide for the States to limit the quantity of ammunition purchased by licensed firearms owners/users.  I apply for any documents – such as reports, meeting agenda and minutes and correspondence – created in the last ten years.

[Typed name]

Other Commonwealth Agencies

Customs: foi@border.gov.au

Federal Police: foi@afp.gov.au

Queensland Right To Information – Queensland Police

Applications are $46.40 payable by credit card at the time of writing.  https://www.smartservice.qld.gov.au/services/information-requests/apply