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Advice from a licensed owner in Queensland:

They are specifically made and sold without a buttstock etc, along the same lines as AR pistols in the US which are made as pistols from the ground up.  The model number is WT15-01.

There are lots of aftermarket accessories for AR style firearms.

Live in Qld?  Apply for a PTA online and order one today.

Wedgetail Industries

Original article

Someone in the shooting community recently asked Weapons Licensing Branch about the very beautiful Wedgetail Industries WT-15 10.3” SBR.  It’s 75cm or less.  What category is it?  Weapons Licensing Branch replied:

Information provided to Weapons Licensing, however, reveals that these firearms are purpose-built Category D firearms under Section 5 of the Weapon Categories Regulation 1997 (that is, manufactured as self-loading centre fire rifles).

Therefore, it is our view that these would remain a Category D firearm regardless of weapon length.

LAFO is aware some folks already have these registered on Queensland concealable firearms licenses (which is the Queensland name for a pistol license).  The Weapons Regulations provide that a concealable license authorises possession and use of any pistols (which must be under 75cm):

that is not a category R weapon

Everyone agrees: these aren’t category R weapons.  People with concealable firearms licenses are rigorously vetted.  As are licensed users of all Category C, D and H firearms.

So can we get these on a pistol license or have you changed your mind?

Put in a PTA application and find out.  Ask Queensland’s Gun Police today: can I have one or have Weapons Licensing changed their mind?