The Commissioner of Police of the Harmonious Province of Western Australia yesterday ordered all gun dealers to close their premises to the public.

It is more important that licensed, law-abiding firearms owners are prevented from buying rifle ammunition for their farms, than it is for the Police to deal with:

  1. Opportunistic violent criminals who will use the coming opportunity of stretched police resources to steal, rape and murder with a greater degree of freedom.
  2. Maintain order at hospitals where, very shortly, scenes of disorder and desperation may emerge.
  3. Monitoring criminals released early from prison as authorities attempt to minimise a prison population that is especially vulnerable to infection disease transmission.
  4. Ensuring those who are infected stay home and thereby slow the spread of disease.

There must be at least a dozen things more urgent and much more useful than closing gun shops. The Police Commissioner must have asked himself, ‘What would China do?’ To his credit, he came up with the right answer!

In a covering email, WAPol explain that each dealer will be personally visited by a member of the Party Police!