This week, Qld Labor repeatedly attacked the LNP opposition for supposedly being soft on gun laws. The LNP haven’t done anything to support softer gun laws in many years. Why would Jackie Trad and Mark Ryan do this?

Labor just got reelected for a solid 4 years in Queensland. They’re in a position of strength, with a couple of seats to spare. Why was their first act in 2018 to attack the Opposition about gun laws?  There are three reasons.

#1 Preparing to implement NFA 2017

Labor are planning to implement ammo limits, end minor’s licenses and grab more guns from farmers. They’re softening up the LNP leadership and ensuring no Labor or LNP members deviate from the party line to fully implement the National Firearms Agreement 2017.

#2 Distract their base

Labor are approving coal-mines in Qld. A Green’s candidate won a Qld seat at the last election because hardcore lefties in Qld feel betrayed (so sad). Jackie Trad only held on to her own seat through the sheer force of her high-pitched shrieking. They need to distract their most left-wing followers from the many times Labor has stabbed its own base.

#3 Punish One Nation and Katter voters

Labor want to discourage One Nation and Katter voters from voting ON and Katter in the upcoming 2018/19 Federal election. They want voters to give up on the minor parties that are prepared to stand up and give the major parties the flick. The simplest way for Labor to do that is to say, “you voted ON and Katter, but we still implemented NFA 2017!”

What should you do?

You can do three useful things.  They’re easy.

#1 When the bills/regulations are proposed, write to your MP

When Labor’s mad gun-grabbing, ammo-limiting bills or regulations come to be debated, write to your MP and tell them you don’t agree.  You will get a rubbish stock-standard response.  Don’t be discouraged.  Their offices count the letters/emails they get per issue. They need to know this is going to cost them votes.  Even if Labor’s laws get up, they can always be repealed in four years when we kick Labor out.  Remember that the number of shooters in Qld is growing faster than the population.

#2 Talk to people

Talk to other shooters at the range and your family, friends and colleagues. Tell them that shooting is a fast-growing sport. Invite them to try shooting. Explain to them that law-abiding shooters shouldn’t be persecuted with red tape that does nothing to protect the public. There is a long-term battle for hearts and minds.

#3 Keeping voting for parties that support YOU

Put pro-gun minor parties first at every election. The shooting population is growing faster than the general population. Let’s flex it.