Business owner charged

Back in May, we interviewed Brad Towner (click here) about the charges he is facing in NSW for selling plastic toy guns.  We reported:

Brad Towner has built a successful business over several years, in full view of the NSW Police, selling colourful plastic toy guns that shoot a harmless gel ball at harmless speeds.  These toys are an alternative to the well-known Nerf brand.

Brad was recently charged for unlicensed firearms dealing and is facing serious penalties, including jail time, if a court convicts him.  Brad’s case represents one battle in the cultural war being waged by many government agencies and politicians against anything that looks like a firearm and anyone who takes an interest in them.

Today QPS release documents revealing they consider gel ball blasters are toys

In response to one enquiry, QPS recently responded:

Reference is made to your recent email inquiry regarding Gel Ball Blasters.
You are advised that these items have been recently declared as toys in Queensland.
A decision has been made by the Authorised Officer Queensland Police Service Weapons Licensing that Weapons Licensing will not issue Forms B709A (Importation of Firearms – Police Confirmation) for these items as they are not

Click here to download QPS view.  It amounts to: no licensing, no registration, nothing to see here.

Australia’s gun laws aren’t making a lot of sense

Email your MP today.  You can link to this post and ask your MP some questions.

  1. Why are plastic guns that shoot tiny wet balls being treated as firearms?
  2. Why are business owners being prosecuted for selling them?
  3. Aren’t there enough real criminals to pursue in Australia?