The National Firearms Agreement 2017 would ban lever shotguns, unless you already have one

The NFA 2017 would ensure lever action shotguns with a capacity over five rounds become virtually unobtainable by law-abiding firearms owners.  However, Western Australia and New South Wales governments have chickened out and legislated that anyone who already has a 7-round lever action shotgun, like the controversial Adler model, can keep it.  Only shooters who don’t already have one are banned from getting one.

This solves all sorts of problems: like paying compensation for confiscating property

The only problem with chickening out is that it makes banning these firearms under the National Firearms Agreement logically incoherent.  If someone who has passed criminal history vetting can’t be allowed to obtain a new one, why can someone identical who already has one keep it?  This is the sort of divisive wedge-politics that shooters must not succumb to.

Sources in the Queensland Government indicate that the same thing is planned for Queensland.  6+ capacity lever action shotguns will only be banned for people who don’t already own one.

Why hasn’t the Weapons Categories Regulation been amended yet?