Other parties show some common sense, but not Labor

In the last four weeks, a lot of parties have been at pains to tell us the famed National Firearms Agreement 2017 is not binding.  In previous posts, we’ve told you how Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Queensland and One Nation Queensland are openly saying “let’s ditch the NFA and do something sensible instead.”

Even the Queensland Liberal National Party is pointing out that the NFA 2017 is not binding on the States.  It’s optional.  And they don’t agree that more limits on law-abiding shooters will solve gun crime.

But not Queensland Labor.  Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan wrote back to us to tell us ammo limits are definitely a part of the NFA 2017.  He hasn’t backed away one inch from the policy of tracking and limiting ammunition purchases.  Instead, he’s said there are no “current plans” to limit and track them.  But he admits he had to ask Police what the “current plans” were!  A handful of anti-gun police warming their desk chairs at Charlotte Street in Brisbane are driving the Qld firearms policy bus.

The Minister appreciates your concerns about this matter and requested advice from the Queensland Police Service … there are no current plans to amend the existing online information exchange…

This response treats us all like idiots, because it has been publicised for two years that all national registries and ballistics information is being fully integrated under the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.  The Commonwealth is openly spending untold millions on a National Firearms Information Network integrating all State and Territory registries (and more, we suspect).

Don’t worry, there’s fake consultation here for you!

In the same way shooting groups were the target of a pretend consultation in the lead up to the National Firearms Agreement 2017, Qld Labor is dragging in all sorts of interest groups to yell down law-abiding firearm owners in another fake consultation process.

firearms forum [of …] key stakeholders including police, victims of crime organisations, the legal community … sporting and recreational shooters.

Great work Minister Ryan.  It’s a shame you’re a dancing bear in a cage just doing what the Qld Gun Police prod you to do.  We see pretend consultation for what it is.  Wave some of your colleagues goodbye at the 2018 Queensland election.

Don’t sit there

Email your local member and tell them the National Firearms Agreement 2017 is unwelcome in Queensland.  And a handful of police shouldn’t get to make the law. Police@ministerial.qld.gov.au