Former Queensland National Party Senator Bill O’Chee knows what naughty things you shouldn’t be buying at the newsagent

Bill O’Chee wants to ban American gun mags in Australia (Gun culture is more dangerous than any gunman).  Bill picked up a copy of an American gun magazine (the sort that is made of pages, not the sort that holds ammunition) and it made his precious face frown. 🙁

From the first sentence: mistakes

The recent furore over the importation of powerful pump action shotguns might have been couched in terms of liberty, but there is a dark side just beneath the surface.

It was lever-action shotguns, Bill.  Pump-action shotguns are already in a category whereby most licensed shooters can’t and don’t own them.  As Bill himself might say: there is a dark side to this basic mistake hinting at the vast ignorance that lies beneath.

Bill bought a magazine he knew he wouldn’t like and then criticised the articles

“Incredibly, the lead story was how to survive a mass shooting in a shopping centre.”  Then Bill warns us:

A listing of 38 mass shootings in the United States since the beginning of February revealed that in none of these cases was the gunman brought down by “righteous vigilantes” packing firearms, and saving their fellow citizens. There were, however 218 victims of these crimes. So much for the good guys packing guns.

Actually, Bill, numerous likely mass-shootings have been stopped in their tracks by “good guys”, as the Washington Post reports.  There is also a larger list of events being compiled at a pro-gun site you will be sure to hate.  As the Washington Post article acknowledges, “there is no central database of [these] examples, many of which don’t hit the national media, especially if a gunman is stopped before he shoots many victims.”

It’s fine to disagree with concealed carry in the United States but at least don’t totally mislead the readers.  In any event, concealed carry simply doesn’t exist in Australia, except for bikies on the Gold Coast (note: these people would not be allowed to concealed carry in the United States.)

Bill says magazines let bikies get guns

Bill talks about censoring American firearms magazines because it creates ‘gun culture’ and then seriously links this to how organised criminals get guns:

We already have enough problems with outlaw motor cycle gangs, crime gangs and the like. We don’t want to make it possible for them to cause more mayhem by making deadly weapons more readily available.  We don’t need protecting from armed gunmen; we need protection from the culture that creates them.

Bill wants you to think organised criminals are driven wild with gun passion by some glossy pages from their newsagent.  Is this for real?  The cold reality is they just import Glock pistols through a corrupt post office branch and they don’t read Bill O’Chee in the Brisbane Times.

As we discovered in 1996 when Bill was a Senator: the National Party’s totally in favour of personal property rights, EXCEPT WHERE FIREARMS.  Now we are getting hints the National Party’s totally in favour of free speech, EXCEPT WHERE FIREARMS.