Queensland Labor will say anything to justify their madness

In his 11 October speech, Queensland’s Minister for Police, Mark Ryan, just said anything at all to try and justify the ban of lever-action shotguns.  Here’s the best of the worst of a cardboard cutout of a Police Minister.

Cardboard Ryan: Earlier this year the member for Everton told the Shooters Union Australia that this reclassification that we are considering tonight had nothing to do with the Lindt Cafe incident and refusing to reclassify lever-action shotguns would not undermine the National Firearms Agreement.

What’s happening: Carboard tries to suggest that Queensland’s LNP are telling fibs by suggesting that lever-action shotgun bans have nothing to do with the 2015 Sydney Lindt Cafe Siege in which an Islamist Terrorist shot dead innocent people with an unregistered pump-action shotgun.

The truth: The Lindt Cafe Siege report itself contains no recommendations to ban any sort of firearms at all.  Ryan is simply saying the same lie over and over again in the hope that you believe that banning a type of shotgun popular with farmers will stop Islamic Terrorism.  Labor have hit rock-bottom.  They are literally dancing in the blood of terrorism victims while calling for the ban of guns that had no connection with any terrorism in Australia or elsewhere.

Cardboard Ryan: He has told the Shooters Union that the Queensland Police Service’s Weapons Licensing Branch was dictating policy by refusing some applicants licences and that any minister who allowed that to happen was gutless. He said a police minister was obligated to intervene and order police to stop interfering with people’s right to own firearms. I make no apology for taking advice from those on the front line—those who have the most experience and who are impacted the most by weapons legislation, our brave police.

What’s happening: Cardboard is defending the recent Weapons Licensing Branch policy of taking pistols off farmers on large properties where those farmers have held them safely for decades.

The truth: It’s completely indefensible.  We are talking about farmers in remote areas working alone and trying to keep their livestock safe from the growing surge of feral pests.  If you haven’t seen this, read this week’s ABC News article: http://www.abc.net.au/news/rural/2017-10-25/handgun-refusals-hit-hard-as-qld-graziers-in-crossfire/9084860

Labor hate farmers and law-abiding firearm owners.