Greens have been on a media blitz promoting the number of firearms held in NSW postcodes

So we took the top 10 ‘arsenal’ postcodes on their top 100 and compared them to NSW crime statistics for non-domestic violent assault.  The top postcode has less than 1,000 residents so there are no reliable stats for assault.  Of the next nine postcodes, eight of them have a rate of violent assault well below the NSW average.

If we follow Greens logic, a higher rate of law-abiding firearms ownership will reduce violent assault…

We aren’t suggesting firearms locked away in safes deters violent assault.  Instead, there’s probably a simple correlation arising out of the fact that licensed firearms owners are reliable, productive law-abiding citizens and therefore are very unlikely to assault people and very likely to encourage, maintain or enhance environments where any sort of violence is considered unacceptable.

Of course, the Greens, who publicly promote addictive drug use, have a fairly elusive notion of responsibility.  For them, responsibility is a thing that happens to other people rather than a concept they need to accept themselves.  Maybe that’s why their suburbs are more violent.