Yep, they’re working tirelessly to ban your guns

In the last week, we’ve received a few information access requests back from State and Commonwealth agencies that confirm that all States are working with the Federal Police’s Firearms Information and Armoury Team (FIAT) to classify and ban as many firearms as possible.

This was highlighted recently by the banning of Desert Tactical Arms (DTA) rifles in NSW as widely reported on social media.

The Feds have been highly sensitive about sharing the FIAT team’s email address – given this is where the banning advice is emanating from – and objected strongly to its publication.  They were reportedly worried that members of the public might email them and ask them perfectly reasonable questions about how firearms should be classified.  What’s so weird about members of the public asking perfectly reasonable questions if the Fed’s advice about firearms is just plain, factual advice and not some sort of tricky gun-banning campaign?  Why would they care?

Of course, maybe it’s just a thinly-veiled gun-banning campaign and your reasonable questions aren’t welcome.