“Public safety” groups weave a tangled web

In the 1970s, the recently-convicted criminologist Professor Paul Wilson committed a series of pedophilic offences for which he was only recently convicted.  During that decade Wilson had extensive contact with Howard-Osborne, a Queensland public servant who committed decades of acts with children.  After Howard-Osborne committed suicide, Wilson wrote a book defending the Howard-Osborne’s sexual interest in boys and arguing there should be no age of consent.  Any Google search of the news can reveal this for you.

By the early 1990s, Wilson turn his attention to gun control.  You can still read his 1993 paper here.

“How do we get the best marketing for gun control?” asks the pedophile

Interestingly, the 13 page paper from 1993 is not about gun safety, it’s about marketing gun control:

…the analysis here is on what aspects of marketing practices the gun lobby has successfully employed compared to those in favour of stricter gun control.  The consequences of the successful marketing of a cause such as the gun issue are reflected in both legislation and social behaviour. Politicians will legislate for greater gun control…

It was coauthored with a business school academic.  Interestingly, Wilson detested Gympie, which he decried as ‘Hell Town’, writing in 1997:

the most undesirable place to live in all of Australia, full of hypocrisy, sexual violence, fear, drugs, murder, incest, pack rape, economic stagnation and rabid right-wing gun fanatics.

As far as sexual offences go, we can say Wilson knew from personal experience what he was writing about.

The Australian taxpayer still pays to promote pedophile-written ideas about “public safety”

Documents released under Freedom of Information explain how, even this decade, the Australian Taxpayer forked out at least $50,000 for a “public safety” website, gunpolicy.org, to promote Wilson’s delightful views about public safety.

You read Senate Questions on Notice about this and the Department of Foreign Affairs’ answer, acknowledging the taxpayer’s contribution, right here.

Is there enduring sympathy for pedophiles amongst the professional “public safety” crowd?

As The Truth About Guns pointed out two years ago, Salon.com (a left-leaning, pro-“public safety” news website) published pedophile-sympathetic articles (for example: I’m a pedophile, not a monster) on the same day it attacked then-presidential candidate Donald Trump’s stance on firearms.

It gets better: Salon was shamed into deleting all articles by the pedophile author.  You can still find the disgusting remains of Salon’s pedophile-supporting history through Google, but we couldn’t stomach reading past the first couple of sentences.

Why is there an enduring sympathy for pedophiles amongst the “public safety” crowd?  Whatever the reason is, they sure don’t like the millions of law-abiding firearm owners who aren’t hurting anybody.