Shhhhh!  Explosives Inspectorate won’t say what ammo limits policy they prepared for Queensland’s Labor Government

LAFO and its volunteers have kept up pursuit of the Queensland Labor Government’s designs to implement the National Firearms Agreement 2017 and limit the quantity of ammunition law-abiding farmers, pest-controllers and target shooters can purchase.  The NFA 2017 provides:

Jurisdictions will […] impose limits on the quantity of ammunition that may be purchased in a given period.

Against a Right To Information application, the Department of Mines (in which the Explosives Inspectorate sits) refused to release even one word of a six-page Cabinet submission on the potential implementation of ammo limits in Queensland.

But they did release information that shows how much of an impact the shooting community is having on the primary vote and on Queensland Government Ministers’ state of mind.  We saw only a month ago, how Police Minister Ryan attacked Shooters Union for privately meeting with Queensland’s Liberal National Party when he had himself done the same.

Bureaucrats profiling political party connections to LAFO, other shooting groups

The Department of Mines and QPS Weapons Licensing have been asked some straightforward questions about plans to impose ammo limits in Queensland.  Instead of just telling the public what’s planned or telling the public “we won’t tell you anything”, Queensland public servants have embarked on a bizarre profiling of Qld pro-law abiding shooter groups.  Are the public servants working personally for Queensland Labor or are they working for the government Departments and the public who pay them?  Their own documents reveal a strange fear of minor parties and the support for minor parties in the shooting community:

Information provided by QPS is that [name] is an active member of the the Law Abiding Firearms Owners Inc. (LAFO), a group of Queensland shooters lobbying for less restrictions on firearms and ammunition.

The LAFO website has a number of blogs regarding the NFA 2017 and the Queensland response to date.

Different articles on the LAFO website target Labor, the Honourable Jacklyn Trad MP, Deputy Premier, Minister for Transport and Minister for Infrastructure and Planning, Minister Ryan and the QPS regarding the government’s stance on firearms regulation.

The LAFO website has links to Katter’s Australian Party and the Liberal Democratic Party.

Various comments to posts on the LAFO Facebook page are in support of the One Nation Party.

QPS Weapons Licensing is aware of [LAFO’s activities].

It’s almost like some public servants are sitting around, looking to do political work for Queensland Labor.  Instead of working for the Department, they’d rather breach Queensland’s Information Privacy Act 2009 and carry out bizarre profiling for their political masters.

The absurdity of this will not be lost on poor farmers, who’ve endured years of Queensland Labor’s zealous regulation to make their farms and their way of life unworkable.