LAFO’s warned you about ammo limits for months

LAFO has been warning (here and here and here) that ammunition sales will be tracked and limited under the new “improved” National Firearms Agreement 2017.  Clause 54 of the NFA says:

Jurisdictions will legislate to allow the sale of ammunition only for those firearms for which the purchaser is licenced, and impose limits on the quantity of ammunition that may be purchased in a given period.

Queensland’s Department of Mines official confirms

We asked Police and the Department of Mines about the specific plans to impose National Firearms Agreement ammunition limits in Queensland. On 1 November 2017, the Chief Inspector of Explosives wrote back to tell us that a Queensland Labor Government has started working on ammunition limits and will be working on their implementation after the upcoming Queensland election:

There has been progress in that our Minister has initiated discussion between our Department and The Queensland Police Service.  […]

We did discuss this issue with members of the Firearms Dealers Association of Queensland at a recent general legislation consultation meeting.   As the Chief of Staff indicated in his response there will be consultation with QPS and the public.

I expect this matter not be considered until after a new government is elected.

What sort of limits can we expect?

Only one State currently has ammo limits: South Australia has ammo limits with a $5,000 fine:

(1) A person who acquires or owns or has possession of more ammunition than is required to meet the person’s reasonable needs in making lawful use of a firearm for the immediately following 12 months is guilty of an offence.  Maximum penalty: $5 000.

And you have to prove your innocence if charged:

In proceedings for an offence under subsection (1) or (2), the onus is on the defendant to prove that the quantity of ammunition in his or her possession was not more than was required to meet his or her reasonable needs in making lawful use of a firearm or in carrying on the business of a dealer (as the case requires) for the immediately following 12 months.

Stop ammo limits at the ballot box

Number All The Boxes.  Put Labor LAST.